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Resin Flooring North East Ltd the northern resin flooring suppliers and expert installers of our  permeable resin bound paving technologies, resurfacing systems and domestic resin driveway products based in the North East of England.

Our seamless resin floors, natural stone gravel surfacing systems and decorative aggregates are the modern and rustic resin bonded stone paving solution highly suitable for domestic, residential, commercial and retail use.

The perfect resurfacing solution for domestic driveways pathways and patio areas adding elegance and a touch of class to any surround or setting.

Resin Flooring North East Ltd exterior resin flooring systems comprise of a polyurethane resin binder mixed with a natural stone aggregate which is trowel applied to a suitable prepared substrate creating a seamless, fully bonded, permeable surface. The end result being an aesthetically stunning natural stone driveway or pathway without the usual loose stones.

Resin Flooring North East Ltd highly desirable ecologically friendly flooring systems are permeable and comply with all the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems standards ( SUDS ) regulations.
Exterior resin flooring systems are extremely functional and are very low maintenance. There is a huge choice of gravel and natural stone aggregates in lots of sizes and colours to choose from. Customized colours are also available in coloured quartz aggregates.

Whether you live in a terraced house, townhouse, contemporary new build, a stone cottage or a modern bungalow Resin Flooring North East Ltd will find and design the right driveway,  pathway or patio surface for you.

With a Resin Driveway you get the fabulous look of natural stone without loose stones straying into your home, car, garden and street. The elegant smooth seamless hard wearing surface is ideal for wheelchairs, pushchairs, bikes and electric vehicles.

Permeable resin bound paving is a very practical hard landscaping and easy to maintain exterior flooring solution.

Resin Flooring North East Ltd high quality aliphatic polyurethane resin technology is extremely resistant to most chemicals including petrol, diesel & oil. Unlike block paving, you can easily brush weeds away. That's because their roots can only grow a few millimeters into the surface. It drains well as water filters through the semi permeable surface. You can clean resin bound paving systems with a power washer without causing any damage.

Specialist contractors Resin Flooring North East Ltd  can replace drain covers with inset lid covers filled with the chosen resin bound paving mixture if required. Resin bound paving systems, natural stone surfacing systems and decorative aggregate resin paving are fully UV stable. The aliphatic polyurethane resin binder encapsulates and protects the natural beauty of the pebbles, gravel or stone.
The Resin Flooring North East Ltd  team can install resin bound paving, natural stone surfacing systems and decorative aggregate resin paving solutions directly onto your concrete or tarmac substrate. This means you can have a natural stone driveway or pathway installed quickly with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Resin Flooring North East Ltd the resin flooring specialists can complete most installations within 1 or 2 days. The domestic seamless exterior resin bound paving system, seamless natural stone surfacing and decorative aggregate resin bound paving only takes a few hours to fully cure, so you can quickly get back to using your driveway or pathway the following day.


Resin Flooring North East Ltd resin bonded aggregates, resin bonded stone, resin bonded gravel is the perfect solution for drives, roads, paths and walkways.

Resin bonded stone or resin bonded gravel provides an extremely durable resin bonded stone surface where the appearance of a stone surface is required but the stone is bonded to a tarmac or concrete substrate so there is no spreading or likelihood of weeds growing through the surface.

Resin bonded stone, resin bonded aggregates and resin bonded gravel are often referred  to as a broadcast systems where the aggregate media is cast into the wet resin surface until it is fully blinded with stone or decorative aggregate providing a seamless natural stone surface. Why have loose stone or gravel when you can bond it permanently to a suitable substrate.

Resin bonded stone, resin bonded aggregates and resin bonded gravel will look like loose stone but will be fully bonded therefore eliminates all the problems of loose spreading stone surfaces and weed problems.

Resin bonded stone, resin bonded gravel and resin bonded decorative aggregates are used in parks, heritage sites, driveways, paving projects, pathways, car parks, roads, balcony's and walkways.

Resin bonded gravel, resin bonded decorative aggregates and resin bonded stone are fast becoming more popular because an unsightly tarmac or concrete drive can be overlaid in one day transforming the visual aesthetics to the approach of a house, giving it that natural landscape finish without the upheaval and expense of uplifting the existing surface.


Stone carpet flooring is one of the most rapidly growing resin flooring systems in the world and is generally known as stone carpet which consists of thousands of natural stone granules, quartz or glass spheres bound together in a clear polyurethane or epoxy resin binder and is attractive to look at, totally seamless, and very pleasant to walk across barefoot.

The natural stone granules come in various sizes, finishes, textures, and a full spectrum of colours to suit any decor or taste. The design capability of stone carpets is only bound by your imagination.

Resin Flooring North East Ltd stone carpet flooring is suitable for indoors and outdoors, and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms outdoor entertainment and living areas, as well as being suitable for commercial flooring such as car showrooms and retail premises. The resin flooring north east design systems can also be used as a feature decoration. Originating in Europe stone carpets, pebble carpets and coloured quartz carpets provide exceptionally versatile seamless resin flooring systems that are durable and practical, yet warm and soft underfoot.

The seamless surface of this type of flooring system is visually appealing and it has a natural beauty that can be used to enhance your home by choosing a suitable granule size and selecting from the almost infinite colour range.

Resin flooring systems are suitable for use and fully compatible with wet and electric underfloor heating systems.

Stone carpet surfacing systems have a projected life of over 20 years, stain resistant and are easy to maintain and clean. Other benefits of a stone carpet flooring systems, stone carpet floors or coloured quartz flooring are its soundproofing properties and its capacity to stop fire spreading between areas of your home. The surface is extremely resilient and the anti-slip floors texture is durable and will create a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Stone carpets also a suitable anti slip flooring system for sauna and swimming pool surround areas.

Resin Flooring North East Ltd specialists installs state of the art seamless resin flooring systems, seamless resin bound paving, natural stone surfacing systems, decorative aggregate resin paving, resin bonded aggregates, resin bonded pebbles, resin bonded gravel, stone carpets, Resin Driveways stone carpet floor screed and Resin Driveways coloured quartz floor screeds throughout the North East region.

Resin Flooring North East Ltd the northern resin flooring experts operate throughout Newcastle, County Durham, Sunderland, Washington, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Gateshead, South Shields, North Shields, Stockton on Tees, Redcar, Peterlee, Easington, Stanley, Hexham, Northumberland, Teesside, Billingham, Berwick, Boldon Colliery, Hartlepool, Ponteland, Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, Jarrow, Consett, Newton Aycliffe, Sedgefield, Bishop Auckland, Spennymoor, North Tyneside, Ashington, Alnwick, Carlisle, Cleadon South Tyneside, Whitburn, Seaham, Peterlee, Gilesgate, Bowburn, Bishop Auckland, Crook, Cumbria, York, Whitby, North Yorkshire, Thirsk, Ripon, Richmond, Skipton, Harrogate, Catterick, Wetherby and Tyne and Wear offering an unrivaled regional service.

Contact Resin Resin Flooring North East Ltd on 0191 6705078 the northern resin flooring specialists and we will be pleased to discuss and help with your specific requirements and answer any questions regarding our products and services.

Our passion for customer service and satisfaction is paramount. We can help with design, provide detailed specifications and a free site survey and quotation with no obligation. The choice is yours and we are always pleased to hear from you.